Lazy long weekends

We had planned to have a quiet long weekend to celebrate Australia Day and in true fashion we ended up filling it up and being exhausted by the end of it. It was a lovely 3 days though – any excuse to spend time with Rob and Daise and I am there!

It started on Thursday night when we saw the Police – what a GREAT concert. Amelia and Tom looked after Daise for us and we had a night out. I loved it – jigged away in my seat and had a great time with Rob, his Dad and Sue. We ended up having a late night though (in bed at 1am – this is late for me anyway!) and Daise was up at 5.30am. Needless to say Friday was a slow day. Saturday we had lunch with Rob’s Mum then spent the afternoon in the park as Daisy has discovered the swings and just loves to be on them. Sunday we had a picnic down by the harbour to celebrate Tom and Amelia’s engagement. It was the perfect Sydney summers day – we had a swim in a pool nestled in the harbour and a lovely picnic lunch with champagne! Sunday night we had friends over for dinner and a sleep over and while it didn’t quite go to plan (when does it ever when there are kids involved?) we had a good time. Poor Daise was quite sick with a fever and struggled sleeping so we had a tough night and subsequently a slow day yesterday catching up on sleep.

She is growing up so much these days. Rob and I often comment that she must have grown up in the night. She seems to understand and take in so much more than she ever used to. You can ask her where something is like her toes, or books, or ball and she will point! A little chubby pointed finger! I tell you there is nothing better! She has a word for dog – deeya (?) and when she sits and reads her books to herself she reads in this funny voice that repeats over and over “goydee goydee goydee goydee” and points her finger at the pictures. Sounds silly I know but it is just THE sweetest thing. Ever. The crawling is also coming along and there are a few more teeth popping through (running total 9). We are trying to make the switch from formula to cows milk but she is un-impressed so far. I will try again when I have my next 4 days off so I can kept persisting. She will be 1 in 2 weeks time. Invites are out and we are looking forward to a little party in the park for her. Our mothers group are going to try to have a combined party for all the kids – just an excuse for all of us to eat cake and celebrate the fact that we have lasted an entire year. I am so proud of Rob and I and of Daise too – she has learnt so much over the past year – goodness knows what I will be like when she actually starts to achieve something!


  1. That little Daisy just gets cuter and cuter by the day! I can’t wait for her and Maddie to hang out together. I have a lovely feeling that they are going to great mates. Lots of love xxx

    PS: Maddie also went through the arms in the air hysterics ‘I must be cuddled by mummy and will have a nervous break down if I am left in this cot’ phase… I promise that it will pass. Just when you think you have got this parent gig sussed, they spring another phase on you!

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