How did this happen?

I think I am turning into one of the mothers that I didn’t want to be. You know the “we can’t go there because Daisy needs to sleep then” – timing everything around when the baby needs to sleep, or eat. I had illusions of being carefree, Daisy sleeping anywhere, anytime without a care or problem in the world. I now know why people would say that. It’s just not worth the hassle of a cranky child that won’t sleep and an anxious mother trying to not be bothered by her whining cranky daughter and trying to enjoy herself when all you really want is for the child to be sleeping soundly at home. It’s so boring. But it’s so much better.

Rob and I were talking about this last night when we were going to have some friends around for dinner but decided against it because Daisy has been a tad feral the last few nights. Do I need to get my head read? I mean she will be at home in her cot, but (if the last 5 nights are anything to go by) she won’t get to sleep for at least an hour after we put her down and will only be happy when she is in my arms. Not Rob’s. But mine. Could be teeth (I blame them for everything) could be a bug (her poo has been revolting) could be separation anxiety (she is back at daycare 3 days a week as I am back at work). Who knows??? I just love that I will stop any social life for us to ensure that she can get sleep. I thought I would never do it. But here I am doing it.

Actually stuff it. I am going to invite the people over for dinner and Daise can deal with it. Hmmmpfff! Watch this space…


  1. It’s so much easier to have friends to your house than to try and go out with a baby. Whatever, it’s that or no social life, so I choose social life and babies sleeping at home.

    Plus then you don’t have to worry about a curfew!

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