Bok Bok Bok….

I have to admit that I am feeling VERY clucky today. I had the most vivid dream last night about the most DIVINE baby boy. The dream went on and on detailing my pregnancy and then the delivery and I can remember that when they handed me the baby I was sure that it was going to be another little girl but it wasn’t it was the most perfect little boy. We couldn’t work out what to call him so we asked him (as you do in a dream he could talk) and he picked the name that he liked the most. Then Daisy was there and she gave him a kiss which is even making me feel teary now. Then we went and introduced him to all the family. SIGH.

Surely I don’t want another baby already? It would be silly silly silly silly to do that right? I just can’t get it out of my head. And it hasn’t helped that Daisy has been such a good girl all day. I think that it must be because I saw my sister in law last night who was looking all glorious and pregnant like and we were remembering back to this time last year. yes, I think that must be it.

I think I will go and slap myself.


  1. Ok, am popping over from my blog to say hello (hi!!), and to tell you that EVERY TIME one of our children has hit 11 months, I get the baby ug as evidenced by the positive pregnancy test that popped up in this house yesterday.

    So I can definitely sympathize.

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