Actually no thanks…one will be fine

After a day where Daise did NOT STOP WHINGING ALL DAY I am certain that the last thing I need is another baby. Rewind and delete any thoughts there on that one.

I have been the crankiest person all day not sure if I am because of Daisy or if she has picked up my vibe and ran with it herself. But from the moment she has been awake there have been few moments when she hasn’t been sort of half crying, half whining, half cranky noises. It’s hot, Rob has been working on the weekend all day and blah blah blah whoa is me etc etc shut up now I am even bored of myself and this whinging.

Let’s hope those 5 teeth Daisy is working on are through in no time. Let’s hope that glass of wine I am about to have is cold enough…and let’s start again tomorrow. SIGH.

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