It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Yesterday we picked up our tree (it smells divine) and decorated it with our little lady helping. She was most impressed with the lights and the star on the top – in fact we think she said star! I love having the smell of a fresh tree in the house it just feels like Christmas! We started our first family tradition of decorating the tree with the sounds of Elvis’s Christmas album playing and it was enough to make you pop with love, hope, happiness and gratitude for my family. We are really just so lucky.

Rob and I both have to get through this week of work and then we are on holidays. To say we are looking forward to it is an understatement. We are gagging for it. Desperate. Next weekend we have Christmas with my Dad at his place in Pearl Beach with my brother and sister and all their kids. It will be chaotic and fabulous. I can’t wait. Then we have Christmas with Rob’s family and then up to the farm for about 10 days. I am beyond excitement with the thought of doing nothing up there.

I can’t believe just what a big year this has been. I also can’t believe how fast Daisy is growing and interacting with the world. She can now stand up against things but is still just crawling backwards. She has 6 teeth, says Mumma and Dadda (and star we think) and claps her hands with delight at things that make her happy. I just don’t think that there is anything like as lovely as a 10 month old baby (although I think that I said that there was nothing quite like a 9 month old). Maybe it’s just MY daughter.

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