Daisy’s Christening – Sunday 9th Dec

We had Daisy’s Christening on the weekend and what a lovely occasion it was! She was the best little lady all day – I think she knew that she was the centre of attention and she just loved it (wonder where she gets that from?). The Mass was lovely and Daisy and all of our family featured quite a lot which made it quite special. Afterwards we celebrated at the local Bowling Club which was great. To have all our dear friends and family there was very special. Plenty of food and celebration for all the adults and children (there were about 40 adults and 25 kids – gotta love the catholic breeders!). I was especially proud of our cake and cupcakes that we made for us all. Just a lovely lovely day for our beautiful little lady. I couldn’t be more proud of my little family I could POP!


  1. Bless little Daisy’s world! She is sooooo heavenly. She just gets cuter and cuter by the day. The Christening looked like a gorgeous day. Your cakes were a sensation!
    Take care & lots of love, Kate, Simes and Maddie xxx

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