Busy Busy I’m getting dizzy!

It seems that I just can’t quite catch my breath at the moment. It appears that it is now December. I am unsure when that happened but here we are!

We have had some really busy weekends these last few weeks having to fit in 3-4 things/events a day so when it comes round to Sunday night we are all exhausted! And just because Daise is exhausted doesn’t always equal great sleeping so the poor petal needs to get some beauty sleep and refresh. In fact so does her mother! Next weekend looks a the same as we have Daisy’s christening on Sunday but then after that we are pretty free and pumped up for Christmas. Can’t wait to get a tree and get those decos up. Rob said just yesterday that he feels more excited about Christmas now that we have a little one – not that she knows what is going on…but you get the picture.

Daisy has been such a good girl with all this dragging around. She catches sleep in the car between gigs and is always the centre of attention particularly with her hair! She ALWAYS gets comments on it – in fact last week was the best so far with “there is a lady that doesn’t need anymore air in her hair!”. No matter what we do up it goes. There is no static in it – it’s just what it is. I love it! She is just adorable at the moment – clapping and kissing on request and working on some more teeth. She has been dribbling for Australia these last few days so I think that the 2 top teeth may be on there way down (at last!) the dracula look was not such a good one! The crawling is also happening (well sort of) she seems to only know how to go backwards but we will keep working on forwards and get her into gear over the Christmas break.

No other news really. Rob and I are flat out at work and counting down the days till we can get to the farm and chill out. The pool has been put in and I plan on spending all day down there, reading and chilling out. It will be fantastic. We close the office here at work from the 20th Dec and then back again on the 7th Jan so there is plenty of time to relax and spend time with the family – bring it on!

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