How is it November?

When did this happen and how can I make it all slow down????? I cannot believe that my baby girl is almost 9 months. That means that she has been longer out than in and we have managed to keep her alive and well (some might even say thriving!).

What a big girl she is now. We took some pictures of her on the weekend and could not believe how grown up she looks. She is also TOO MUCH FUN at the moment and I think is peaking in her delicious, gorgeous babyness. I am sure that there is a new phase around the corner but I am not sure that there is much in the world more beautiful than a 9 month old baby. Actually there is. MY 9 month old baby. I am trying to think what else she has been doing – she is starting to move around on the floor, although I am not encouraging this at all in fact I never out her on her tummy because I don’t want her to learn to crawl. Last week I won mother of the year competition when I left Daise on the couch and she fell off. I am surprised that it has taken this long (I think it’s all been luck and timing). The screaming was enough to break your heart. Lesson was noted and we moved on. She has also started to wave when we say hello and goodbye and the speaking is getting better every day. Dadda has ben perfected – when I point to a photo and ask who is in it she says Dadda perfectly. I promptly cried when she did this for the first time.

I had to work 4 days last week so Daisy had an overnight stay and 2 days with my Mum which I was so grateful for. Daise loves my Mum and has such a good time with her. She got home Friday night exhausted and with a new front tooth! I put my hand in there to see if anything much was happening and I felt a little tooth through the gum but not where you would think – it is on the side (one of the incisors) so she is going to look like Dracula. I hope that the others come on down soo enough. Her hair is enough to make people stop and comment (and they do) let’s not throw in dracula teeth as well!

Not much else to report on – things are just ticking by (albeit extremely fast). I am on the count down to my Christmas break. The office closes over Christmas for a few weeks and I can’t wait for that. Bring on christmas spirit, warm weather, and time off with my family!

We also have a few wedding this month so we actually have a bit of a social life for the first time in a while. This weekend Dad and Angela are looking after Daise at our place for a sleepover. It should be good fun. I know it will be Christmas soon enough – look how fast Nov has come around.

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