At 9 months Daisy just loves….

* Dancing with her Mum and Dad
* The concerts and dance routines that her Mum and Dad put on for her after her meals
* David Bowie
* Playing with her toy plane
* Grapes, nectarines, mango actually any summer fruit
* Singing (not very well but with a lot of gusto!)
* Playschool (bad mother I know letting her watch it but she is transfixed)
* Being outside and looking at trees/birds
* Books
* Sneezing – thinks it is hilarious
* Her Mum and Dad!

Life is pretty good for the little lady at the mnoment. Life seems to be going so quickly though – the weeks start and then before we know it it is Friday night and great cause we have some time together as a family and then the next thing it’s Sunday night at the blues start up again!

I started back at work last week one more day a week. It’s hard to be away from Daise for another day but she is being looked after by Mum which is lovely. They have such a good time together so I feel good about that. Poor Mum though! I am sure that we will be able to get her into daycare another day starting in the new year. The extra day also means that my 2 days off are actually spent with Daise and not feeling bad about doing (or not doing) work. I think it will be much better.

Rob has been very busy at work and I know that he is desperate for Christmas to hurry up so we can be on holidays for a few weeks. I can’t wait to spend time at home with Rob and Daise and enjoy the festive season! Bring it on I say!

There seem to be some more teeth coming down for Daise as well. One more had broken through at the top but not in order so she has one incisor then a break then one of the front ones and then another break. Looking like a country yokel with missing teeth! Let’s hope she sorts the others out soon!

We have her christening in a few weeks time. I am really looking forward to celebrating that with all our friends and family. So it’s another busy time ahead for all of us. I will try to keep this updated with snaps and news but it’s hard!


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    I had a great time reading your blog. And surely, I will enjoy the rest of your posts and the upcoming ones. Thanks for filling in my mundane moments.

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