So I have officially slapped myself and am out of the dreary doldrums of last week. I have SO much to be happy about and grateful for so I will be quiet. Until the next time ok! AND I felt 100% better when almost everyone in my mothers group was feeling the same way. Just must be the 8 month grind or something?

I have had a lovely weekend with Rob and Daise kicking back at home and enjoying our neighbourhood. We have been for lots of walks, sat outside in our little garden, drank lots of beers and just had a grand old time. Daise LOVES being outside and is particularly taken with the wind – she is like a puppy and tries to eat it. So we have been out as much as we can. This also exhausts her which is good for Mum and Dad at the end of the day.

I can’t believe that it is October now – on the downhill till Christmas. Daisy will be 8 months in 2 weeks time! Where did that time go? Things should be a bit calmer on the weekends as well so we can get plenty more like this one we just had.

Also – got a new do and feeling good about myself. Nothing like a dramatic change and plenty of compliments to turn you round!

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