Ma Ma Ma Ma Da Da Da Da

Daisy has taken to talking and we can’t seem to keep her quiet! (I wonder where that comes from?) She loves to say Mummamumaa ma ma ma when she is either hungry, tired, thirsty, cranky or wants to be picked up. Da da Da da is used for chatting with her Daddy or when she is happy. Funny how that works hey? We have had another couple of bad nights with her. I give up on trying to work out what it is from. She has good sleeps in the day and is happy as larry but these last few nights is not a happer camper when she gets to bed and seems to really struggle in getting into a deep sleep. I don’t know whether it is teeth – or perhaps that she has been doing so much mental development that she can’t seem to shut it down at night. Who knows? I will see if it continues for a few more nights before looking for solutions. We had a lovely quiet weekend.

Daise had her first visit to the beach on Saturday as it was a hot 32 degrees. She was not that impressed with the beach – I think she was actually quite frightened of the whole thing. Anyway, we had a go and will keep it up and in no time she will love it there! Other than that we just had a lovely, quiet time at home and enjoyed our happy little girl in the day and dealt with the grumpy minx through the night. We also caught up with my brother, his wife and Daisy’s 2 cousins Zac and Mia who have been away for the past 3 and a half months. It was SO good to see them – I finally felt like I had some family back at long last. Mum gets back in a week and a half and my sister and her kids are up on the weekend for 2 weeks. It will be great to spend some time with all the kids – Daise just LOVES other kids. She sits and watches them and laughs and laughs. Lucky she has plenty of cousins!

Anyway, another week ahead of us as well. Time just seems to be going SO fast I can’t believe it. Rob and I have our 4 year anniversary this week (since we were first together which I know you should forget about when you are married but hey it’s a milestone) and Daise will be 8 months this weekend. 8 Months! I really can’t get my head around that! Here is a video of Daise on the weekend – very funny!


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