Warning! Whinge ahead.

Of course this weekend was the first weekend where we didn’t have (much) on and Rob wasn’t working (well only Sat arvo) so we were looking forward to spending some time at home, going for walks, going out for lunch and spending some time with our little lady.

Oh yes we spent some time with the little lady. Far too much time. In our arms. The. Entire. Weekend. Daisy woke up Sat morning after her morning sleep and decided that her 2 front teeth would try and make an appearance. Or at least cause her so much pain and agony that she needed to be held the entire weekend. We couldn’t even get her to sleep rocking in our arms. She had to upright. And jiggled. Panadol didn’t work. It was just rocking arms thanks Mum and Dad. Yesterday morning when I was ready to throw her out the window we went driving. For 2 hours. Just around the neighbourhood so she could sleep. I kept stopping to get coffee while she slept in the car.

Sat night was a nightmare. Yesterday was even worse. Last night she thankfully managed to get to sleep and sort of stay that way (thanks to more drugs given to her in the night). And then when I went to check on the progress of the teeth this morning there is nothing there.

Oh sweet baby cheeses give us a break!

Ok whinge over. I know things could be much worse – she could really be sick – but I just needed to whinge. Maybe we can try again next weekend. Today she is much happier (of course when we have to go to work!)

Ah the joys of motherhood!

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