Slow Down!

I have had just the busiest craziest month or so and as you can see I haven’t even had a chance to get on here. At long last we have the Internet up and running from home so things should be a little better from now. No promises though.

We are in our lovely little house which is just wonderful. We have hardly had a chance to enjoy it though as we have been so busy getting back into the swing of being at work and the weekends have been jam packed as well. Last week we finally had the last new thing that we bought delivered so I feel like we are really in here now. It looks fantastic and I still can’t believe that we managed to get this place and that we are home owners. So grown up!

I will try and go back and cover things. We moved in and the week after I started back at work. It was a strange adjustment at first as I was anxious about leaving Daisy but as the weeks pass by I am looking forward to my 2 days in the office and having some time to myself. It is easier too knowing that Daisy has settled in well and seems to be happy there. Rob loves Tuesdays and Wednesdays as I have to duck off to the office early and he takes Daisy to and from daycare. I think they have a lovely time together. My favourite is waiting for them to come home – I am pathetic and sit on the front step waiting for them. When she sees me she lights up and reaches out and we have the loveliest love fest for an hour before she then has to go to bed. She is exhausted as well – she doesn’t seem to sleep all that well when she is “at school” so when she gets home she crashes and it takes her a few days to catch up on the sleep. This is great for me as I can get into my 1 day of working from home. The one downside has been that Daisy has been constantly sick since she has been at daycare. For 5 weeks now she has had a cough and it is only in the last week that she seems to be finally getting over it. I knew this would happen but you do wish you could get a break when she keeps getting it.

In other news we had a visit from my sister Lucy and her boyfriend Chris a few weeks ago as they had to renew their visas to go back to the UK to work for a few more years. We had the loveliest time with her – they soaked up as much time as they could with Daisy who adored them both. We were very sad to say goodbye but we will see them next year when we head over to the UK for 2 weeks to go a friends wedding in Italy. Still not decided if we will take Miss Daisy or not. She will be 18 months and I know the plane trip would be a shocker. We will wait and see.

Mum and Milton and Sam and Jo and the kids are now all over in Croatia. They left 2 weeks ago and will be away for another 3-4 weeks. Sounds like they are having the best time. Lucy and Chris are also going over from London tomorrow for a week. Wish we could join them all. Australia is just too far away from the rest of the world at times.

Other than that Rob and I are well. Well we have been sick with a gastro bug and flu (thanks daycare) but we are great. We look forward to things starting to calm down and with the weather warming up some good family weekends ahead. I am starting a netball comp with a few friends on a Monday night which should be a laugh. It has been about 15 years since I have played. I am looking forward to it though as I will be one of the only things that I do these days that is just for myself. I was thinking the other day that the only time I do have when I am not being a Mum, or wife, or workmate is on my way to work. I truly enjoy that 20 min trip I can tell you.

I just hope that things start to slow down as our little lady is now 7 months old. She is sitting up now, has 2 little teeth and just seems to be older and more knowing every day. I will try and keep more up to date now that I am back.

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