Swimming Lessons

Yesterday Daisy had her first swimming lesson. I can tell you that it didn’t go down well. From the moment she got into the water she SCREAMED and didn’t stop until she was out of the water and wrapped up in a towel. Poor bubba! I think that is was a little cold for her (much colder than what she is used to in the bath). And although it was inside and heated it was all a bit much for the little miss.

The teacher said that it will get better each week and that I was very relaxed and calm which was good. Although she screamed I had fun and I know that she will get into the swing of it soon enough. She did look delicious in her little swimmers though!

By the way it is 1 year ago today since we put up our first entry on here telling everyone that we were having a baby. A year of blogging. Happy anniversary – I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing!

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