Look what happens when Dad is in charge…

We had our big trip to Qld on the weekend for my work conference. It all went really well – Daisy travelled well, Rob was a terrific carer for her, and the work part wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.

We left Saturday morning – Daise was great on the plane which I was nervous about – she slept on Rob’s knee even before the plane took off. Sat arvo I had to head off to a session at the conference so I missed my first bath time ever. I have to admit I suffered from separation anxiety – but it was all the better when we were back together again. Saturday night we had a dinner to go and had arranged for a babysitter through the hotel which went well as well. Mummy had a few too many drinks – it was the first time in I can’t remember that I felt normal and not like a Mummy. It was great fun! The rest of the days went just as well and we even managed to enjoy the warm weather. I think that Rob really enjoyed his time with Daisy and feels connected with her again which is lovely.

So we are back to busy busy times. I have started to pack at long last – although I think I am in denial about the whole thing. We move on Saturday the 4th August, and I think get the keys next Wednesday. I have been trying to get everything arranged for the move and actually picked up some boxes this afternoon. Rob is really bust at work and has been working late as well as 2 x 12 hour shoots on Saturday and Sunday which is a bugger.

Daisy has been growing every day. She seems to get heavier each time I pick her up. She is now happy to eat lots of things she was not so sure on at the start. She starts swimming classes on the weekend. It was a Daddy/Daise thing to do but as he has to work I will step in. I am secretly excited about this as I will get to have a go. I know she will just love it!

Anyway, better get packing!

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