Daisy meets her namesake

Last week Mum and I went to visit her aunty (my Great aunty) Daisy so she could meet our little Daisy. We had a lovely time up there – she lives at Brooklyn on the Hawkesbury River where she lives with her husband Doug and daughter and grandkids. She has lived there her whole life – across the road from where she lives now was the house that she grew up in, where her mother (also Daisy) gave birth to her in the front room of the house. It was a very special day for Mum and me, and I was so glad that they were able to meet and have a little cuddle.

Daisy had a little present for my Daisy – a photo of her mother (Daisy 1) and some money to start up a bank account for Daisy! Just too sweet and very generous for a pensioner. We had a lovely ladies lunch, some champagne and sat around and nattered for hours. I loved being able to share my motherhood experiences with someone 55 years old than me, and with my Mum and Daisy’s daughter Kate. The circle of life continues!

I especially liked sharing the day with my Mum, as she spent many school holidays up at Brooklyn, and as her Mum is dead, Daisy is the closest thing she has to a Mum. I loved being able to drive her up there for the day and chat away. We have had a lovely time together since I have been on maternity leave, and it will be one of the things that I will treasure the most from this time off work.

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