End of an era…start of a new one

This past week has been an end of some things for Daisy and the start to new things as well. We went away on the weekend to the Blue Mountains with my family and we had a lovely time relaxing indoors (it was freezing out) and eating and drinking the time away. It was especially nice to spend time with my sister in law and the kids before they head off to Crotia in a couple of weeks time. Mia was particularly sweet with Daisy and generally all round as she has started to speak and would parrot anything you would ask her to. I don’t think there is anything sweeter than that and I cannot wait till Daisy is at that stage.

So the first new beginning was solid food for the little miss. Although I am starting her a month short of the 6 month rule I feel that she is more than ready as she opens her mouth when she watched me eat my weetbix in the morning, and when we put a spoon in front of her mouth she opened it up, leaned forward and tried to gobble it all down. She seemed to like the cereal, although I am not sure why – we will try this for a week and then start to introduce some veggies and then fruit. Let the pureeing begin!

The first end of an era was taking out her baby capsule and replacing it with her new big girl car seat. Although it is still turned backwards, she seems much happier in it and the two times we were out in it today she slept like a babe – which was always tricky in the capsule. If this means easy driving for me from now on then bring it on!

Yesterday I started Daisy on formula. As I am heading back to work in a months time I wanted to give myself plenty of time to make the transition. Lucky we have time as it went down like a lead balloon. Her face seemed to say “have you gone mad? What is this? Have you forgotten what we normally do Mum” and then when I persisted she went feral. She spent all afternoon quite pissed off at me for my carelessness. I have just expressed breast milk and will try with that this arvo and see how we go.

Daisy was also accepted into daycare which is a huge relief for me as I was starting to stress about it. We went to enrolment this morning – she isn’t even 5 months old and we had to enrol her! It was too sad. For me and Rob anyway. She seemed quite impressed with all the babies in there and I was happy to know that she isn’t the youngest (there is one a month younger than her – phew!). She starts in a few weeks time – they suggested that she start the week before I go back to work just too make sure that she is settled before I am back. At least when I drop her for the first time I can go and cry on Rob’s shoulder and not have to be productive at work. The shock of being back in the office all day will be enough me thinks.

So we have a busy couple of weeks ahead of us. A move to a new house, so LOTS of packing. Trying to make the most of my time off work, a work conference in QLD, starting daycare and hopefully weaning Daisy. I feel like the ride is starting to go quickly and I want to get off. I can’t believe that my 6 months is nearly up. I think I will have to get pregnant again so we can do it all again – hmmmmmm maybe not!

Here are some snaps of the little lady getting her bedtime story read my Dad. Where has our little bubba gone???

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