One year old (well sort of)…

It was this weekend last year that we found that we were having a baby. So I guess I have been a mother for a year. I can’t believe that it was Daisy all that time ago. It truly is a miracle that we can go and make little human beings that laugh and grow. I am amazed by it everyday.

I will tell you the story of when we found out cause it was pretty funny. Rob and I had gone up to EIEIO for the long weekend because we had just got back from OS and wanted to get up to the farm for a few days. Alan and Sue had to go to a friend’s 60th so we had the place to ourselves. We spent the weekend eating and drinking – in fact on the Saturday it was pouring with rain so I spent the ENTIRE day in front of the fire drinking a bottle of red wine to myself, I also ate a whole salami stick and a wheel of brie – all things that are NO NO when you are duffed. I was still feeling a bit “off” on the Sunday (thought it was a hangover) so I decided that I would pick up a pregnancy test when we were in town getting some supplies for dinner as Alan and Sue were getting back that night and I wanted to have dinner ready for them. So we went to one supermarket that didn’t have any, then to a chemist that was closed then finally found another dodgy supermarket in a dodgy shopping arcade in West Kempsey. I picked up the test (I wasn’t sure what to look for as this was the first) so found one and took it to the counter. As we were in Kempsey and as there are A LOT of young mothers there – these tests must be hot items as when I went to pay for it they had to call out “Sheryl I need to get a dipper from the ciggie counter”. They had to take the dip sticks out of the tests cause they are always being stolen. Nice one. They kept the actual tests them behind the counter with the ciggies and razors. So much for being discreet – it was like the first time you ever bought tampons or condoms, I was very embarrassed. Anyway, we laughed, went home and took and then FREAKED out at the 2 lines. I thought it must have been a dodgy cheap test, so we promptly drove back into town to pick up a bigger, better, way more expensive test from Woolies (a far better supermarket). I took another test and then another then tried to get our heads around the fact that we were going to have a baby! Alan and Sue arrived home not long after and we had to tell them the news as we were acting very strangely. I spent the rest of that afternoon and night saying over and over “I’m pregnant”!

I can’t believe that was a year ago. I remember feeling so nervous about the journey ahead of me and in awe of the fact that Rob and I had created a life. That I was going to be a mother. I remember waking up that night and putting my hand on my tummy and being very scared and excited about the journey. I LOVED every moment of being pregnant from that moment on. Even when I felt sick and tired I loved having that little life inside of me, feeling her kicks and movements. Even when we were scared about her not being ok and having all the tests done, even when I was 9 months pregnant, and hot and swollen. I loved it all. I just can’t believe that the little lady that is so much fun was that little thing all that time ago. If we are lucky to ever have another child I think I will be much more aware of the fact that when I am pregnant that it is a baby. You are so detached the first time you know? You know you are having a baby but you can’t really imagine that it’s a BABY! I remember when I pushed Daisy out and the doctor passed her up to me I couldn’t believe that we had a BABY. A real PERSON. All that time! Who’d have thunk it?

Anyway, I am ranting and going on so will stop. But that’s how we found out we were having a baby. What a year it has been. And who would have thought it would be something as sweet as this? Happy one year of being my baby Daisy. I love you more than I ever thought I could love anything. Even more than strawberry milkshakes AND cupcakes xoxoxoxo


  1. What a great post, you basically summed up exactly the way I feel and the way I felt throughout the pregnancy. It is wild, isn’t it?

    What an adorable little munchkin!

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