On a roll….

Daisy rolled yesterday…9 times! I was very excited as Rob said that she would roll this week. I put her down on the floor for some freakin’ “tummy time” (she HATES it) and she was the perfect tummy time role model. Happy as can be, looking around and then she tucked her head down and rolled onto her back! Mum was there to witness it with me. I was very proud and very excited. She is on the move! I then proceeded to check for the rest of the day that she was still able to do it. She is.

This feels like my first Mummy proud moment where you watch your child do something, and wish for them to do well – she was grunting and trying so hard her little head went red. I know there will be a million of these moments in her lifetime where I will have to sit back and watch her figure something out for herself – but this was the first!

Go Daisy go! And these are some snaps taken yesterday at mothers group.

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