All grown up

And it’s not just Daisy that’s growing up this time…Rob and I too! We have bought a house! Well we are in the process of buying a house. It’s very exciting and has happened all quite quickly. I have actually bought it privately through one of the girl’s from Mother’s Group. It’s in Camperdown which is great as it’s 10 mins to the city, Glebe, Newtown, Annandale…and it’s 3 bedrooms so it means that we can be for years to come! Our first family home. It fills me with joy and excitement about our life to live in our new home. We are exchanging contracts this week and then settling in about 6 weeks or so. Here are some snaps…it might not seem much but it’s ours and we love it!

Also, Daisy last night went to bed at 6.15pm and slept till 6am! My boobs woke me at 5.45 – but what a sleep! I am certain that she won’t do it again any time soon, but at least we know that she CAN do it. Mumma was happy with the extra sleep – it was almost a pre-pregnancy, pre-baby sleep.

See we are all getting grown up!

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