Ah Chooooo!

Poor Daisy has been sick this last week with her first flu, nasty cough, runny nose and an ear infection to top it all off! She was miserable last week – I couldn’t even get a smile out of her which just broke my heart. So we went to the doctor and managed to get some antibiotics for her which seemed to have worked well. This week she seems MUCH better and is back to her chatty self. She even managed a roll (I am not convinced it was a full roll but Rob is sure it was).

We don’t have much planned this week, but I have a bit of work to do so being home with no plans makes it easier for me to do it. I have been doing a few hours a week helping them out for end of financial year. I even went into work last week to talk about my new role when I go back on the 7th August. It seems close now which just makes me want to cry – How will I be able to leave our little baby at daycare? Oh well not much choice I guess. We just need to win the lotto, or Rob to sell one of his shows so we can both stay and home and marvel at our little lady…

We are off to Pearl Beach this long weekend which will be nice. It’s meant to rain and be cold – I can’t wait to sit in front of the fire and do NOTHING! I love maternity leave!

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