4 months old!

If you can believe it Daisy is 4 months old today. I am having trouble believing that we are here already. She is SO MUCH FUN I have to tell you – she laughs at all my jokes (sometimes so hard that she wets her pants!) and is feeling much better after her nasty flu. She still has a pretty horrible sounding cough and spends most of the mornings sounding like she has been smoking Marlboro’s in the night.

We had her 4 month shots the other day which knocked her around a bit – she was in a foul mood and grizzled for 24 hours, but also slept ALOT which made the grizzly patches easier to deal with. She seems to have forgotten how to roll…which I am not so impressed with. I have been putting her back on the tummy and she gives me nothing. Perhaps the 9 rolls were a fluke after all, or maybe she was still dealing with her ear infection and had her balance off so the only thing she could do was roll? Who knows I am sure she will figure it out again soon enough. I am happy for a baby that doesn’t move around too much anyway.

We spent the long weekend at Dad and Angela’s place at Pearl Beach and with all the wild Sydney weather we had no power for 3 days. We did have hot water though and with the gas cook top and Angela’s good cooking we were well fed all weekend. It was great fun to sit around and chat, play scrabble and backgammon (I finally had my first win against Rob in scrabble and as always I beat Rob at backgammon!) and we sat by the fire and drank wine. It was lovely – very luxurious camping.

We are in the throws of looking to buy a house as well. YUCK! I tell you half a million dollars doesn’t get you much in Sydney these days – it’s a sad situation when you are first starting out. I am sure we will find something though – in fact we have our eyes (and hearts) set on a place in Camperdown…watch this space.

I have been throwing myself into maternity leave by catching up with people almost every day. I am an expert at morning tea (which you can tell by the size of my expanding waistline). This time last year it was growing with Daisy now it’s growing because of Daisy! I even hosted mother’s group at home yesterday and baked a flourless orange cake nonetheless (domestic goddess I hear you say? Yes, yes I am). I have realised that I only have 7 more weeks before I go back to work and even though it’s only for 2 days a week I am not looking forward to it. I can’t also seem to get a confirmation on a placement at daycares – no one will tell you that you have a space until just before you need it. Stressful!

So that’s our update for this week. I am loving myself sick being a mother and not being at work and am grateful for a husband that keeps going to work to bring home some money for my biscuit addiction!

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