19 week update

Not a great deal to report on at the moment but thought I should report nonetheless. Daisy will be 19 weeks this week (which doesn’t really mean much these days as I seem to measure her in months now). We have had a quiet week (well sort of we have managed to buy a house) but have tried to stay home to make sure that Daisy is getting at least one good sleep in her cot each day. Last week we went and visited Grandma Kathryn (Rob’s Mum) for lunch, then we had my friend Tam and her little girl Charlotte over on Tuesday, Wednesday I had to go into work so Mum looked after Daisy in the morning and then I hosted Mothers group in the arvo and home days on Thurs & Fri (actually looking back it seems quite busy).

We had a nice weekend at home with Rob. It was raining a lot so we were forced indoors. We also bought daisy her car seat as she is ready to transfer from the capsule over to a bigger car seat now. I am looking forward to that change as I think that she will like the extra room, and then in a few months time we can turn her around to face us which I think will be even better – I know she will like that! She has been sleeping well (she even managed 12 hours last week) but never manages to do it 2 days in a row. She is also moving about on the floor a whole lot more. I put her down, then go and do something and she seems to be a totally different place! The rolling is still on hold for the moment, but she is grabbing things really well and putting ANYTHING she can into her mouth. I am also not sure where all her dribble comes from but she has gallons of it. Between that and her putting her hands down her front till she gags and throws up – she is getting changed a few times a day.

This week I have to do quite a bit of work with the lead up to end of financial year and also house stuff as well. Looks like we are settling on the 3rd August which is very exciting. I can’t wait to get in there. I also have to keep stalking all the daycare centres that we have Daisy on the waiting list for – none of them will confirm with me that they can take her – I need to wait till closer to the date of when I am back at work (I actually think we are getting close now being only 6 weeks away) so I try not to panic about this…just yet anyway…I really hope someone can take her as I don’t know what we will do.

This weekend we are off to the Blue Mountains with my family. My sister in law and her 2 kids are heading over to Croatia for 3 months at the end of July so we wanted to have a weekend with them before they left. My brother will be meeting them for the last month so I am guessing he will be hanging around us for a bit as he will be home alone with no wife and babies for 2 months. My Mum and step dad are also heading there for a month in September, as well as my younger sister who lives in London – I will be very jealous when they are all there having a wonderful time in the sunshine! But I am looking forward to this weekend, sitting in front of the fire and enjoying some time together. I would even love some snow….who knows I never seem to get it up in the mountains…but you never know…

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