Holidays are so much fun!

We are finally back from our 2 week holiday up at EIEIO and what fun we had! Daisy had the best time (and so did I) just relaxing in the autumn sunshine and taking it VERY EASY. She was a great traveller up there and back and slept well in her little porta cot. It was funny to have her in my room with me – she makes so much noise in the night that we just don’t know about when she is in her own room – last night I think we both slept better apart from each other again.

We spent the first week with Mum (Grandma Sue) and of course Rob’s dad (Nala) and his partner Sue (Fauxma Sue). We went for a trip on the river with Daise, Mum spent time doing Daisy’s quilt and we all spent time in the sunshine as well as by the fire at night. We ate very well indeed – Mum made some scones when the neighbours came around and they were a treat. I had my first go at caramel slice and Sue had a go at corned beef which was so good! Mum left on the Friday and Robbie got up there Friday night after his screening of the TV pilot he has been working on in Sydney which went very well. We had a lazy long weekend with him and celebrated his 31st b’day and my first mother’s day with a cracking roast beef lunch in front of the fire with a few wines as the rain came down outside… just perfect (can you tell I am a bit obsessed with food?). He left on the following Monday arvo and Daise and I had one night with Alan and Sue and then one on our own before Rob got up on again on Thursday night. I was very brave on my own I thought – it’s a huge place and far away from everything – so after I was freaking myself out with Children of the corn nightmares I calmed down and slapped myself and realised that Daisy was counting on me to be the grown up here – a scary thought. We made it through the night but were glad when Rob got up there. Daise and I went and picked him up from the airport at Port Macquarie as he flew up. We spent another long weekend in front of the fire, watching bad foxtel TV and doing jigsaw puzzles – what more could you ask for?

And so we made it home last night and Daise slept well back in her own cot. I have spent all morning unpacking all our stuff (you can’t believe how much stuff you have with a babe and for 2 weeks). We have a busy week ahead catching up with family and friends after our holiday away. As much as I loved the quiet I have to say I was happy to be back in the city with all the noise and planes overhead and of course to be in our little home with our lovely little family!


  1. EIEIO looks amazing!! Is it a family property or just a holiday house?

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