Oh the joys of motherhood!

Daisy and I have had an interesting week – 2 nights in the hospital last week with a bad case of mastitis and a breast abcess
which has been very painful and a nasty thing to go through. With IV
antibiotics I am slowly starting to get better which is good. I have to
keep going back to the hospital every second day to get theabcess drained of puss – nice one – but hopefully
we will be back on track again soon. I am proud that I have managed to
keep breastfeeding throughout the ordeal as it has been painful to say
the least.

Anyway, we are at 6 weeks this week, I can’t believe
that we are there. I know that I thought that something magical would
happen at that time – people said that things would be easier by that
time – well I don’t know about easier but I do feel like I actually
know that I am doing and actually back myself and my intuition about
what she wants. When I drove home from the hospital on Saturday I
couldn’t believe what a difference 5 weeks makes…when I left the
hospital last time I was petrified to be alone and this time there I
was packing up all our stuff and Daisy into the car and drove us home.
So things are getting better – and I am doingok even though this has been hard work!

has her 6 week check up on Thursday and we are off to Dad and Angela’s
for Easter which will be great. Robbie will be working as he isflat out at the moment but it will be nice to get out of the house and get some Nanna and Pa help as well – you gotta love that!

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