Almost 3 weeks old!

Can you believe that? All is going really well with the Macdonald’s. Daisy is growing more and more every day and Rob and I have noticed that she is looking more grown up and alert and not so much like a newborn. The feeding has got much better – we are both learning how to do it better each day and she is sleeping like a trouper, the nights she is especially good as she doesn’t fuss too much and lets her Mumma and Dadda get back to sleep without too much fuss. As a result I am feeling good ands not too sleep deprived which I think would be the killer. Night time TV has been interesting for me though – I think I will be healed by Benny Hinn next time he comes to Australia!

The weekend was a big step for us as we went away for a friends wedding in Mudgee. We had planned this for a while before Daisy came along and we decided that we would just go for it and have a crack! So we did and off we went on Friday morning – Daisy slept in the car for the whole trip (except for her breastfeed at a lookout along the way) and she was so well behaved at the house that we had rented with the Edward’s. The wedding was gorgeous and Daisy had a lovely old time (well she ate and slept and that was about it). She even got a mention during the speeches – what a lucky lady! And it did wonders for our confidence with her knowing that we can take her out of the house and she will continue to eat and sleep – it’s not that scary. It also helped Mum being told that she looked fabulous and was doing so well to get out and about so early on. It was great fun and I am so glad that we did it. Rob should have some photos to put in here soon so you can see how she is growing.

Well that’s it from us for the meantime. I have been a bit out of touch as we don’t have a computer at home and the digital camera has also decided to die on us. I will try to keep you all up to date with progress as it comes along – although it feels like a lifetime ago that we had her I think that this time will go fast and I really will try and make sure that I enjoy every moment while she is so small. How can I resist her when she is drunk with milk and asleep on my chest? I tell you I am in love!

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