1 month old

Daisy, I can’t believe that you are 1 month old tomorrow. 4 weeks, 4 long weeks and also such a short amount of time to have our lives completely turned upside down! Each day you are getting bigger and longer and certainly chubbier – you have little doublke chin that has started to appear and when I wrap you up after a feed I notice that your cheeks are starting to spill out over the edge.

You are such a good girl – your Dadda and I everyday say what a good girl you are – most nights you sleep for 4 or 5 hours in a stretch and when I feed you and put you back into your cot and turn off the lights you go back to sleep without too much fuss at all – that makes a big difference I have to tell you – although it still takes me ages to get back to sleep as I listen out for you to cry. You don’t love having a bath much – but you love it afterwards when you are all clean – you are much more chilled out after a bath. Dadda does a great job with them though and doesn’t mind when you wee or poo or vomit on him.

You are starting to smile and today you even laughed at your Grandma Sue – it’s enough to break my heart and fill me to brim with love. Most days I feel like I could pop with love for you and your Dadda and the little family that we have made. Although this is the hardest thing that I have ever done in my life I know that it will be the most rewarding – I will be waiting patiently for that to kick in – anytime now!

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