Still here….

I have taken to telling Reg at every chance “you can come out now I’ve washed the walls”, “you can come out now I have wahed your sheets”, “you can come out now I have been to the hairdressers” and today “you can come out now Lucy is home!” But alas no movement at the station.

Today is day 4 of being on maternity leave and while I love it I think that I would love it more with Reg to keep me company. I know I am mad thinking this but I really have done all that I wanted to do and I am not a patient person! I know Rob is DESPERATE to meet Reg as well and calls me through to day to check if there have been any pains. I know I am mad and should soak up the time before my life as I know it turns upside down – I just want to meet Reg so very much.

We went to the doctor on Tuesday and she wants me to get a scan done on Monday next week so she can get an idea of the size of Reg. She seems to think that he/she is already 8-8.5 pounds and so time in there is just going to add fat. She will then decide if she will induce me. So It could be this time next week, if not before then. I hope it comes before then – we have a full moon tomorrow so hopefully that will spur things along.

All that said I have had a lovely week. It started last Thursday when I finished work Rob picked me up from work and took me off to a night at the Blu hotel (formally W) at Woolloomooloo. It was the lovliest thing anyone has every done for me and I was so grateful that I have such a lovely husband. We went out to dinner to Otto which was also lovely – just such a special treat for a fat lady like me! This week I have been cleaning and washing – you will be happy to know that I managed to get all the walls and skirting boards cleaned with hot soapy water as well as the front door – amd I mad?? Why would you need towash the front door – anyway I did and it’s clean now! Reg’s sheets have been wahed, the bag for the hospital packed and plenty of calls from friends and family to see if I am still here – I am!

Will be sure to keep you all in the loop over the next week – especially if Iget indcued next week. Of course we are having a gargantuan babe that needs to come out early – baby’s got back!!

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