Just Sittin’. And waitin’. And hopin’. And prayin’.

For a baby! This is getting bad – Reg isn’t due until Saturday and I am already over it. Imagine if I am late (which there is every chance I will be). No one told me about this bit of pregnancy…

It’s been a hard week for me. I have been trying to adjust to life without work (which hasn’t been that hard) but it has been strange to be offline and without computer access at home. It’s been hard to watch Rob head off to work and think “what will I do today”. I know I am mad not loving every minute of it but it has been a strange adjustment for someone that has been go go go for the last 9 months. Daytime TV is just depressing and going for a walk isn’t too much fun in the heat. I have taken to going to the movies a bit and that’s great. I really have nothing to complain about but try telling that to a 9 month pregnant woman who has taken to crying at almost everything!

We saw our doctor yesterday and had to make a decision whether to induce Reg or not. She was happy to do it for me if I was really over the waiting and because Reg is getting bigger by the day. After much discussion we decided to wait and see what Reg had in mind over the next week because he/she was moving on down and when I had my internal yesterday she could touch the head – so things are naturally progressing. Why interfere at this stage for my convienence? I’m sure we made the right decision and will see Reg soon enough. It was nice (for a second) to think we were heading into hospital tonight to have the gels inserted and we could have had Reg tomorrow…sigh!

So that’s about it from us. Rob is still working. Reg is still growing. And I am still waitin’. And hopin’. And prayin’ that he/she comes soon….

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