Happy New Year

Back from a 2 week break over Christmas which was great. We had a lovely Christmas with both families and then a trip up to EIEIO for New Years. I am pleased to report that I was still able to walk up from the river and even get into the river from the swimming rock (when I thought months ago that I would be there for New Years I thought that I would be massive and not doing anything and have been surprised my how good I feel).

35 weeks this week which is just crazy. We saw the doctor last week and Reg is doing well – head engaged and on the way down. I am back at work today for 3 more weeks (finishing up the day before Australia Day) and hopefully no baby before then. The nursery is starting to look ready to go – we purchased a rocking chair on the weekend ready for feeding – I tell you it’s all happening!

Here are some snaps taken yesterday at Liam and Lucas’s christening and first b’day party. When we were leaving there were lots of “goodlucks” which made me realise that some people we won’t see again until the babe is here! It’s so exciting! We have our birth classes starting on Wednesday night with a midwife who is coming to our house for 2 x 2 hour sessions. As my doctor said last week – it will all start to feel real when we do that. I am excited but nervous about the unknown – and it’s all unknown at this stage. I just have to focus on the fact that we will finally get to meet little Reg and have him/her in our arms. Now that’s worth any pain or sleepless nights ahead isn’t it???

Will let you know how the classes go – should be a laugh!

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