Dreams of bombs, cold weather and clean walls…

I think I am almost almost almost about to turn the corner from happy pregnant rd into totally over it street. It’s hot and I am getting very uncomfortable. I don’t want to be at work anymore I just want to be home getting stuff ready!

I have been having VERY strange dreams. Some at night, some during the day. I am dreaming of cold winter weather and nights where you want to have the doona on as well as flannelette jammies. I just can’t seem to get cool at night even though I sleep with little on and a fan 20cm away from me on high! I have also been dreaming of a clean nursery and clean clothes for Reg. I am desperate to clean the walls in the nursery and wash down the room with hot soapy water so there is NO dust. Sound like a nesting freak? And last night I had a dream that I was sitting on a chair that had a bomb underneath it and I couldn’t move as the bomb would go off. You think that could be a metaphor for something???

Anyway, 4 days at work next week then I am home and cleaning away like a mad woman. I hope Reg doesn’t come before then. I also have to pack a bag for the hospital and stuff like that. Although I am totally excited it all still feels like ages away – I will try and enjoy these last few weeks with just the 2 of us and relax and sleep as much as I can cause life is about to get very interesting indeed. I can feel a detour into sleepless crazy life avenue is just around the corner….

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