36 weeks – Reg almost fully baked

I can’t believe that we are at 36 weeks already. Rob and I keep saying “we are going to have a baby in a few weeks” and just laugh. It’s crazy. Well actually I tend to cry when we have these discussions but generally we are both just so excited that we get to meet Reg soon.

I have been feeling pretty well. I am still at work – I have one week to go and then I am on leave. I am hoping that Reg doesn’t decide to come early at work – or just after I finish next week. I would love at least a few days to clean up the nursery and go on a cleaning spree. I also haven’t washed any of Reg’s clothes or sheets so I need some time to do that. Somehow I don’t think I will let contractions get in the way of me doing that. I am a bull at a gate at the best of times and being highly emotional and nesting will only exacerbate the situation I’m sure! But as I said I am feeling pretty good – I have been getting to work at 7.00 most days and working till 4-4.30 which makes it easier for me as I tend to get more and more uncomfortable as the day goes on.

Our mid wife classes have been good. We have our last one tonight, which I think is on settling and breastfeeding etc. It has been nice to do it at home with wine and cheese and good friends – beats ice breaker games and beanbags at the hospital anyday!

I also saw the ob yesterday for a check up – I am now on weekly appointments which is scary and expensive! All looks good – he said that I don’t look like I will come early – but he doesn’t think that I will be late either. The head is still down which is good about 20% engaged and on the way down. I feel like it is pushing on my bladder and go to the bathroom about 20 times a day these days. Walking is also getting harder as is sitting in the one position for too long. I’ll see where we are this time next when I see the doctor again.

So that’s about it from us. Not much happening really. I can’t wait to finish work next week (Thursday is my last day). In terms of guessing Reg’s sex I am thinking it’s a boy but I think that my gut feeling is that it’s a girl. Rob is yet to decide and I have been getting lots of late calls for a boy from lots of people on the weekend. I guess we will know once and for all soon enough….let’s just hope it’s a baby!

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