Reg has a room!

Well sort of…we had a very busy weekend preparing what will be Reg’s room and turning it from make shift room full of crap/garage /storage space to baby room. We hired and van and did a load to the tip and re-arranged our other cupboard space to make room for the left over stuff that we couldn’t throw away. We then headed up to Chris & Kylie’s place at Newport to pick up a cot and change table then back to Newtown to set up.

Poor Rob was trying to deal with a nesting preggers woman who thought that it was essential to have the room perfectly clean (and I mean mentally clean, as in must wash skirting boards in the room clean). I managed to get him to go away while I did all the strange cleaning things that I wanted to do, then we set up the cot together. It felt like a real milestone moment – one of those Kodak token scenes with the pregnant woman instructing while her husband tries to put the cot together and smile at his wife as she tells him he is doing it wrong. I made a mental note and locked it away in my heart forever.

So the room is up and running. It doesn’t really look all that baby like yet as it just has the main things in there, but there is plenty of time for “prettying up”. Now we just keep walking past the room and freaking out cause there is definitely a baby on the way!

We told Reg all about the new room and tried to explain how it all goes. He/she responded with kicks and lots of them. It’s the new trick – kick and kick and move around as much as possible and freak me out. I try to look cool calm and collected on the train but when the stomach is moving like a alien it is hard not to look concerned – I must be freaking people out. Reg has taken to responding to his Dad’s talks into my stomach with kicks back into his face. How lovely!

Anyway, we have a new digital camera so I will be able to get lots more snaps in here from now on. I will even try and take some of the room so you can see Reg’s room for yourselves. Off to the doctor tomorrow and also we hit the 28 week mark tomorrow. It’s flying by! Hopefully the diabetes test went ok – I guess I will find out the results of that tomorrow too…

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