Oh No…

Sunday night I was watching TV (there was nothing on) and so we were flicking between channels and landed on some ridiculous Abba show with B & C grade channel 9 celebrities singing Abba songs. All was quiet on the baby front…until…High 5 came on. Well Reg thought they were fabulous and started kicking away (I swear almost in time to the music)! Rob and I were not impressed. WHY Reg Why???? How do children know about this already? Is this a sign of things to come? We thought that Reg would have better taste but clearly not. Oh well let the games begin…

Other than that all is well in baby land. I have to have a gestational diabetes test this week and then off to the doctor next week or our monthly check up. It’s 3 months today until the baby is due!!!


  1. Lovin’ sick your outfits Betho and just thought I’d write a little message from us Edwards’s.

    Dear Reg,

    You have great parents and are very lucky to be coming into this wonderful family. Mum and dad have pretty cool friends too and we all can’t wait to meet you (especially Charlotte). Be kind on this homeward stretch to them and try and give Mummy a bit of sleep. See you soon!
    All our love xx Tam, James and Charlie Edwards

  2. Hi Beth:

    It can get worse. Barney makes Hi 5 look like Led Zeppelin!


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