Bumps in the night (& day!)

Well here we are at 29 weeks today. I can’t believe how time seems to be disappearing from us. Christmas will be here soon enough and I don’t know even know how I am going to cope when I see that we are in Jan and it’s 2007 which means the baby is almost here. It’s almost too much excitement to handle!

I have to tell you that Reg is well and truly making him/herself known every day. The kicks and constant moving around makes me think that we are going to have an active little babe (must be taking after it’s father there). Last night my stomach was in all sorts of strange shapes as Reg moved from one side of my stomach to the other (without any regard for my internal organs). I imagine it’s like a dog when it tries to get comfy before laying down – round and round trying to find the best spot.

Last doctor’s check-up was all good as well. No diabetes for me and Reg looking good. I am now on appointments every 2 weeks till 36 weeks and then weekly. We also went to an info evening at the hospital the other night which was on caesars & epidurals. Got to see a funny video circa 1982 with a woman giving birth in bad earrings and Darryl Sommers type jumpers. That was funny until I saw the birth bits – wowsers is all I can say.

We are both just so excited about meeting Reg – each week we get closer and while it is scary it’s mostly just exciting cause we get to meet Reg at long last and start to be a little family. How lovely will that be???

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