Alien? No baby!

Last night I was sitting down after dinner (a delicious spaghetti bol – my own version of Mum’s Spaghetti) and I felt a few big kicks. So I look down at the expanded tummy before me and ACTUALLY SEE MY STOMACH MOVE UP AND DOWN! This kind of freaked me out because I was always too scared to feel other pregnant women’s tummy’s when a baby was kicking because it just freaked me out – and now it’s happening to me. And I can’t stop it! I was unsure of what body part it was that was moving and because Rob wasn’t there I just asked Reg politely to stop it because it was FREAKING mumma out. He/she stopped not long after. Me thinks that this is just going to get worse….


  1. Look at you! You look wonderful. Where’s Rob and the tummy? You need a family shot.
    Keep up the blogging!
    Georgie xxx

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