Picture @ 23 weeks

See what a difference two weeks makes in baby time? I am looking pretty big! This was taken last night after a very big Mexican dinner and seeing a friend of ours do comedy so it was late & I was tired. That’s my story as to why I look so pretty and I am sticking to it.

All is well in Reg’s world. Well I think so anyway. Because we don’t have any more scans or anything you just kind of have to assume that all is ok. I am getting bigger, feeling more movement everyday and getting more uncomfortable and I gather that’s what happens – so I am on track!

We have had Sarah and the kids up from Melbourne for the past week. It has been great to see them all. We had lunch at Mum’s the other day and we had all the grandkids around the table at the same time – it’s babies galore! 5 kids under 4 and one in tummy – just lovely! I bet Reg can’t wait to get out and play with all his/her cousins. I can’t wait to be able to join in and talk motherly type stuff with Sarah and Jo.

We have a hospital tour on tomorrow which I am looking forward to. Get to check it all out – however it probably means that it will start to feel a little closer and real and that’s scary…have also booked in our birth lessons with a midwife that comes to our place. We are doing it with one of my best friends and her husbands – should be a good laugh.

Anyway, other than that seeing the doctor next week and need to start to get organised with the nursery. Hopefully we can get a start on that in the next few weeks.

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