Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Freakout…(hear disco version of song)

I managed to freak myself out yesterday when I realised that I am 21 weeks along which means that there are 19 to go. That’s less time to go then more…as in the baby comes in 19 weeks…we are actually in the countdown now. I know it probably makes sense to you – but to me it caused a slight freakout! I do keep telling myself that there is heaps of time to get organised with the nursery and the like – but what about being a parent bit. Having a baby that depends on us for everything. Here I go again! Breathe Beth breathe….

Had an appointment with my Ob last week and all was well. We couldn’t hear Reg’s heart for a while but managed to in the end. I think it had something to do with the placenta being in the way or something? Anyway, she was happy with how we are going and she even used the word perfect approx. 3 times during the consult – would you expect any less from our babe?? We were told that Reg can actually hear everything that is going on now which is great – Rob has been doing lots of talking into my tummy. I have been feeling kicks (I think) but it’s hard to know. Until Rob can feel them too I think I will just keep quiet – no point feeling all maternal and motherly goddess like over wind!

We had a LOVELY time up at the farm on the weekend. Plenty of relaxing and doing not much which was perfect. Took Reg for his/her first fish and was convinced that seeing as there were 2 of us that we would get a fish – but nothing! Rob and Alan managed to get plenty each of course!

Other than that not much happening, Rob is flat out at work which is great and I have been busy as well. It’s great to actually feel back to normal and have energy and be able to move about without too much problem. I know that as we are on the countdown now that it’s going to get harder as I get bigger. I tell you people love to say “gee you are in for a hot summer”, “it’s going to be hard for you in Jan/Feb” – I know already! I am sure that I will look like some kind of farm animal, swollen and hot but what can I do? I think I’ll stop this now as I feel another freak out coming on…

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