Well it has been a long time between entries – sorry about that – but we had a few unexpected tests with Reg so we wanted to make sure everything was ok before we went ahead with news.

After out second scan at 12 weeks the doctors found something that they wanted to do some extra tests on. This meant an amnio (read BFO needle into Beth’s stomach and uterus) to get a sample of amniotic fluid. We had to wait to 15 weeks before they could do that (so a 3 week anxious wait) then after the test another 2 weeks to get the results back.

We finally heard on Friday afternoon that all is well with Reg – he/she is a perfectly normal baby (well in so much physically/chromosonally – they cannot determine what level of damage they are likely to have as Rob and I as parents!).

So at now 18 weeks it feels like we can take a deep breath and get on with things. It’s strange – it’s like we are just finding out we are pregnant but are almost half way along.

Other than these dramas all is well with the 3 of us. I have made Rob come into a few baby stores with me which has been …interesting. I think I have found the one thing that really frustrates me…undoing and redoing strollers/prams up. So many to choose from, so many different features and we have such a small car – it’s all interesting.

Anyway, just a quick update and a snap of me taken on father day. As you can see the tummy has blown out a bit – I guess that was bound to happen at some stage!


  1. In this pic you look like you haven’t aged since high school!

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