I must be pregnant!

I had my first official public pregnancy moment on Tuesday night – I was on a crowded bus (standing) and I was offered a seat! So funny! I just laughed and said “no thanks cheers” and then everyone looked to see why I was being offered a seat and I felt VERY proud and VERY pregnant! There are benefits to this!!

I was only saying to Rob the other day that I wanted people to start to notice my pregnant belly and not 2 days later I get it! It’s all starting to get very fun. I have gone from feeling like a fat mole that doesn’t fit into any clothing to a radiant, fabulous pregnant woman in the space of a week (thanks mostly to borrowing fabbo maternity clothes from other post-pregnancy goddesses Tam and Kylie). Most days I feel like I have taken a happy drug as everything just seems so wonderful! I just have to say that I am loving myself (& Reg & Rob) sick right now!

We have our 19 week scan tomorrow which I have to admit I am getting nervous about (given our few dramas so far). But all should be fine. I have started getting little movements here and there in 46a (nick name for my womb given that we live in number 46) – can’t wait for Rob to be able to feel them as well. I think that Reg has been doing some renovations cause the guts are getting bigger every day!

Will let you know how we go tomorrow and hopefully get a new snap for here as well…

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