Half Baked

So this week I am 20 weeks pregnant which means half way there! It’s hard to believe that we are there already and even scarier to think that we are now on the countdown to when Reg gets here. We will have to start to get our act together!!

You can however, tell there is a baby on the way, as the room that will be the nursery is filling up with stuff. We have managed to borrow heaps of stuff from people who have all done this before – family & friends – and I have even made my one and only baby purchase thus far – Huggies newborn nappies. They were on special and as I am now in the secret women’s group of mothers I was told by email and phone to get them while they were on special. What a strange business this all is! I had no idea!

We had our 19 week scan last Friday and all was good with Reg. I reckon that he/she has managed to get their father’s calf muscles so if it’s a boy then they will have to be some sort of runner and the poor lass (if it’s a girl) will have to be a lesbian hockey player with stocky calf muscles! We’ll just have to wait and see in Feb…I was trying to hard to see if I could see the sex – not that we want to find out as we could have by now with all of the tests that we’ve had – but I couldn’t really see anything. Rob said that he didn’t even try and look. Anyway, I don’t think that I can be trusted as I was worried during the scan that Reg had spots of his/her brain but they turned out to be the kidneys we were looking at!

Anyway, another busy week at work this week and then up to EIEIO for the long weekend! Can’t wait to get up there and enjoy some country for a couple of days. We haven’t been up there since the June long weekend (when we actually found out we were pregnant). Fitting that it was there that we found out! It is a very special place for our little family. A family hey – who woulda thunk it???

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