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How to make tortillas

Alternate title: What the fuck Old El Paso? I was 29 and 8.5 months pregnant with Daisy before I got my drivers licence. I know! How stupid! I wasted all of those years of my youth spending money on cabs, cursing public transport and relying on dead shit boyfriends and parents to pick me up from … [Read more...]

Miss Rabbit’s very good chorizo soup

We call my friend Zoe, Miss Rabbit because much like the character in Peppa Pig, she is always very busy and has a gazillion different jobs. Now I am a hard worker, I come from a family of do-ers so I KNOW busy people because I am one, but Miss Rabbit, well, she does it all. 3 teenage kids, a busy … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: Holiday entertaining

Boy have I been doing some cooking (and eating) and drinking the past few weeks. I am sure soon enough it will stop (it better!) but for now I will pat my tummy and know I have had some amazing memories created with friends and family over food. Thought that I would share some of the recipes I … [Read more...]

The Cook’s Cooking School

A long time friend of ours from my teenage years, Anna Phillips has recently started up an amazing cooking school down here in Bowral. The Cook's Cooking School is an amazing facility owned by charity Your Angel which helps create community cooking classes for those with disabilities and those in … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: Australia Day Entertaining

Sneaking this one in before Monday is over...just in case anyone is looking for some entertaining inspo for Thursday. Tonight we had lamb cutlets for dins and dead set, there's nothing better. So I reckon if you can get lamb on the BBQ then get it into your guts! Here's some lamb … [Read more...]

How to make pita bread

Saturday night we had some friends over for a casual dinner and a bit of family board game action. When the Mums were texting about it my friend said that she had tzatziki and the makings of a greek salad so I quickly decided on slow cooked lamb and pita bread and dinner was sorted! I've been … [Read more...]

Weekend entertaining ideas

It's the weekend! And even better than that, it's a beautiful summery weekend in January! Got some people coming around for brunch, lunch, afternoon tea or dinner today or tomorrow? Here's some entertaining ideas for you! Pulled pork tacos with salsa Lemonade scones Tuna dukkah dip Pork … [Read more...]

Slow cooked pulled pork (for tacos)

Sunday night when we had visitors over and I knew we were going to be spending a few hours up at the pub in the sunshine I knew that I needed a dinner that could be bubbling away without any effort on my part, and that could be quickly pulled together when all the hungry bodies walked back in the … [Read more...]

Sunday lunch

If there's one thing the Dad that lives in this house likes, it's some tasty mexican. Having travelled through Central and South America he fell in love with heat. And tortillas. And jalapeños. So I thought I best whip up a bit of a mexican fiesta for the old boy today. I slow roasted some pork … [Read more...]

Things I like {3rd February 2014 edition}

1. Being home. Being away is good, and certainly comes with better nights sleep, but there really is no place like it. 2. A tropical garden. So tropical and holiday like! And unlike mine. 3. See? Not tropical. But still lovely...look how my climbing ice berg is doing so well...higher … [Read more...]


Golly GOSH is it ever good to be on holidays. To forget what the day of the week is, to only think of time in meals and what you need to get to make them happen. To swim for hours at a time. To have a nap in the hot afternoons. To see kids happy. To see kids with OTHER adults to hang out with. To … [Read more...]

easy holiday cooking

I'm in official holiday mode. And for me, besides the day time naps, booking reading and over consumption of food and booze, it means time for some new cooking. Time to pour over some cook books and magazines and get inspiration for some new classics for the year ahead. There is something about not … [Read more...]

Solving the big issues: how do you unpack your groceries?

Updated 3pm 27th Nov 2013: Hayley Rose has been chosen as the winner of the giftcard. Thanks so much for all your awesome comments it was so hard to choose a winner. Special mention to the following who made the Top 5: Emma Steedman, Stinkbomb, Geal & Domenica. A sponsored post for … [Read more...]

Homemade Gozleme

This week my Mum sent me a text message with a photo of some tortillas that she had made from scratch from my blog post a few months ago. She was so excited, but not as excited as I was. There isn't anything much better than teaching someone something that they then love and pass on - especially in … [Read more...]

Raw? Mexican? Good? YOU BET.

Last night we had some friends over for a cheeky mid week dinner. It was long overdue and a lovely, relaxed evening of fabulous food and company. When the dinner invitation was accepted I got a few dietary requirements: vegetarian and gluten free. I then got myself confused and added vegan into the … [Read more...]

Just call me Bev: Quesadillas

Back when I was cool and relevant and lived in Darlinghurst when I was just a girlfriend, maybe even a fiance, Rob and I would trot these out all the time. It was one of those lunches you would eat in the late afternoon, after we had had breakfast at a cafe, then home to have sex, read the papers … [Read more...]

At least I know I’m not alone

These past 24 hours:I have watched rain, serious pouring down rain come down and down and then down again.Dealt with the crushing blow (OK not quite) that saw me miss out on the Top 5 of the Kidspot bloggers. I'm Ok with it, really I am, but I still really, really, really thought I might make it. … [Read more...]