A Holiday bucket list: How I went!

With the holidays over and done with I thought I would check in and see how I went with my holiday bucket list that I wrote when we were all literally throwing up in the bucket before Christmas. A few weeks later I must say I am feeling much more relaxed, a little more tanned and certainly … [Read more...]

Beach daze

Oh how good is it to be on holidays? THE BEST. While I have started to do a little work, check emails and chase this and that, it's still very much holiday mode around these parts. Most afternoons look like this: See? Rinse. Repeat. La Dolce Vita. It's been HOT with lots of swimming … [Read more...]

A summer pause

11 days later here I am logging back into my blog for the first time...my longest break from online world EVER. What a wonderful break it's been...from myself, and routine and bad habits...a complete recharge in every sense. We have been busy doing not much, and isn't that the perfect remedy for … [Read more...]

Over and out 2017

Here we are, almost end of the year, a slightly stressed, more grey haired version of ourselves than we were in January. And for me today, it's the last post you will see from me until 2018 as I am well and truly signing OUT and OFF for a little while. And boy isn't it needed....phew what a … [Read more...]

A Holiday bucket List

It was the week before Christmas, and all through the house, Beth's family were vomiting, and she has about to lose her SHOUSE. Yep, we now have 3 down with 2 of us standing, the vom PHOBE and myself. It's been real. Actually, it's been OK, it's pretty quick so my calculations are if we go down … [Read more...]

Never Stop the Journey: A Queenstown adventure with Olympus

A sponsored post for Olympus I was thrilled to be asked to be a part of a recent excursion to Queenstown with Olympus for the launch of their new OM-D E-M10 Mark III camera. Having never tried an Olympus camera before I was really excited to see how it worked and of course compare it to other … [Read more...]

Bonkers in Honkers: Part 3

Well here we are back at the airport ready to catch the plane back home, we arrive tomorrow morning at 6.30am. It's been such a great whirlwind of a trip...lots of walking, working, eating, drinking & exploring and the fact that I get to do all that with Rob by my side? Well that'll do … [Read more...]

Bonkers in Honkers: Part 2

Last night we hit the town and headed into Central for a drink at one of those iconic Hong Kong rooftop bars. On the recommendation of a few people we headed to Sevva with the most gorgeous interiors and soft furnishings and green walls. I don't think you would ever get sick of seeing all those … [Read more...]

Bonkers in Honkers: Part 1

Rob and I have arrived in Hong Kong for a shoot for Frankie4 Footwear and a very exciting new shoe that is coming our way soon....BETH! We thought we better put Beth to the test with a good travel session so booked the flights on the cheap when we got back from NY earlier in the year and now here we … [Read more...]

Saturday in Queenstown

My head and heart are FULL this Saturday night my friends. What a day I have had. Exploring the most gorgeous part of the world (seriously how is this 3 hours from Sydney and literally SO other the side of the world breathtaking?). I have learnt SO much. Out of my comfort zone, learning, … [Read more...]

Old dog, new tricks

I love taking photos. It's not something that has come naturally to me, but it's something I love so much. Over the years and over thousands and thousands of photos I think I might have gotten a little bit better at it. I still kind of wing it on manual, all my photos are straight out of the camera … [Read more...]

Full & Thorough Reporting

We're home. And unpacked. Order being restored with excessive sweeping and swiffering on my behalf as well as watering. Geez we need some rain. Don't get me started on the pile of washing I have to get through too. We had such a lovely few days away at the beach with all the … [Read more...]

A visit to the Bohemian Traders Boutique

What do you do when you are holidaying nearby the Bohemian Traders Boutique up here on the Cenny Coast? You call Em and say meet me there in 30 mins is what! I have been wanting to visit here in forever having long been a huge fan of Em and her amazing label and business that she has built up over … [Read more...]

Weekends filled with cousins and candles

Friday afternoon we escaped the end of term and headed off not too far from here for a weekend away to celebrate Rob's Mum's 70th with all the family. The weather was heating up and I was STOKED to be able to escape home for 2 nights as were the kids who had a chance to catch up with their cousins … [Read more...]

Singapore Stopover: A quick 24 hours

I was there as a (very lucky) guest of Club Med Kani and was flown here by Scoot Airways. This trip was organised by Sam & David from the Good Funny Smart Collective. We had a quick stopover in Singapore on our way back through the Maldives which gave us a quick chance to soak up all … [Read more...]

Adventure to the Maldives: Trip to Finolhu Villas

I am here as a (very lucky) guest of Club Med Kani and was flown here by Scoot Airways. This trip was organised by Sam & David from the Good Funny Smart Collective. Yesterday we got to take a 5 minute transfer across to the exclusive Finolhu Villas also part of the Club Med resort where we … [Read more...]

Heaven on earth found at Ocean Farm

I think I stumbled across Ocean Farm for the first time on Instagram maybe? You come across a photo that literally takes your breath away and you dream one day...one day we will get there. And bonus! It's just 45 mins from home. I wanted to head away somewhere after my birthday with the family, … [Read more...]

Full & thorough reporting: Babies & Besties & Brisbane & Beignets

It's time for that Monday morning water cooler catch up, the kind that if we all worked in an office we'd ask what we got up to over the weekend. PLUS I was totally away for 2.5 days at the end of last week too so there's HEAPS to catch up on. With bonus photos too! Let's go! Wednesday afternoon … [Read more...]

Full & thorough reporting

Come on in guys, I've got the kettle on and we can sit and have a natter about what I've been up to...it's been a busy week! It's also why my pants don't fit, I had a very large hangover yesterday but why I am happy...lots of good times with great people. Come and have a sit at my kitchen … [Read more...]

Postcard: the last little bit

One of my mates on Instagram yesterday commented that she can't remember seeing me as chilled out as I have been on this trip and I think she may be right. I've been so happy all the family together (while trips OS to NY certainly are special to me so long as we are all together I am happiest). … [Read more...]