Full & thorough reporting

Come on in guys, I've got the kettle on and we can sit and have a natter about what I've been up to...it's been a busy week! It's also why my pants don't fit, I had a very large hangover yesterday but why I am happy...lots of good times with great people. Come and have a sit at my kitchen … [Read more...]

Postcard: the last little bit

One of my mates on Instagram yesterday commented that she can't remember seeing me as chilled out as I have been on this trip and I think she may be right. I've been so happy all the family together (while trips OS to NY certainly are special to me so long as we are all together I am happiest). … [Read more...]

Postcard: Cousin catch up time!

We arrived to my sister's place where I have some happy girls on my hands. There are cousins! And toys! And room to just chill out and hang after a few days on the road. And for me there's my sister! And Prosecco! And home cooked meals (last night she trotted out a chicken parma and apple crumble … [Read more...]

Postcard: {more} Ballarat Winter Festival

We are guests of Visit Ballarat and have had all our accommodation, meals and entry covered generously by all these businesses…thank you! I love being able to share travel tales from different parts of this country – especially in regional centres like Ballarat. We've arrived safe … [Read more...]

Postcard: Ballarat Winter Festival

We are guests of Visit Ballarat and have had all our accommodation, meals and entry covered generously by all these businesses...thank you! I love being able to share travel tales from different parts of this country - especially in regional centres like Ballarat. Yesterday we hit the road … [Read more...]

Postcard: Highlands to Beechworth then Daylesford

Here we are settled into our second motel for the trip...in beautiful but CHILLY Daylesford. My word the chill has set in the past few days...everywhere it seems but definitely here in Victoria where it was -6.9 degrees. We left home later than we had planned (of course when you get overexcited … [Read more...]

Road tripp’n: Victoria July 2017

We recently did an exercise in a group of having to remember our best childhood memories. There was a big group of adults from their 30's to 50's and each and every one had simple things: home cooked meals, movie nights at home or for me, road trips with my family most school holidays. These have to … [Read more...]

The “Big 5oh my goodness how much fun” weekend!

I'm still recovering from the belly laughing, smiling, happy weekend (and perhaps the excess alcohol consumption) of the weekend gone past celebrating my gorgeous friend Nikki from Styling You's 50th birthday in Brisbane. The invitation came through when we were in New York I think, so at the … [Read more...]

Me time and the Emerald city dress

Opening my laptop every morning can be quite the adventure. There's endless emails to respond to, lots of press releases and emails from small business owners sharing their goods and services and wanting to get some traction or exposure, there's questions about recipes or how to start a blog, … [Read more...]

Shoes made for walking: BabyMac & FRANKiE4 in NYC

This giveaway has now closed and a winner chosen: ALICIA MACKAY with the following comment: "Okay so as much as I love the sexiness of Izzy – she definitely needs to be popped on for a night of naughty cocktails and raucous one liners at a fabulous bar – I’m also inclined to invite Nat to some chic … [Read more...]

BabyMac eats NYC

Well, not all of it. But I gave it a pretty good go. For me, NYC and food is where it's at. The sheer amount of people, and places to eat and the fact that the place never stops, like ever, makes it such a hot spot for good food and drinks. The thing I love the most about New York is that … [Read more...]

I got you girl

A few days ago I was standing in the subway with Rob when I said "I feel like (but of course I felt like!) I need some gold high tops from NY" and he probs rolled his eyes but then said "yeah you do". So it came as no surprise a few days later when I found myself rushing into a sports store a few … [Read more...]

Tuesday Haiku

What's not to love about this place? Free haikus offered in the bar of our hotel where we had a drink tonight is a start. I was feeling a little tired and angsty and a little nostalgic as it's our last night here. I sat and read a great book that was in the library section about the buildings … [Read more...]

Manhattan Monday

We've just got back to the hotel from another morning hitting the town while the sun shone. I've just done a quick calculation and I've clocked up 101.5kms since we arrived last week. That's not bad is it? Lucky for me there's plenty of walking between all that pizza and burgers...so much walking … [Read more...]

I feel like…

One of my favourite expressions that I have heard EVERYONE saying since we arrived is "I feel like". Whether its been walking down the street and listening to people talking or on the subway people having in depth conversations everyone is feeling like something. I can't stop saying it myself pretty … [Read more...]

Saturday in the city

Yesterday we checked out of our hotel and moved a little further uptown to The Arlo NoMad. The weather was FOUL, it actually was sleeting when we left The Ludlow and so when we arrived at our new hotel and waited to check in, we found ourselves perched in the bar for many hours. By the time we got … [Read more...]

The best days

My goodness we are having fun. I mean, I'm sure it's not all that interesting to you all, but I want to capture every moment, each morning or afternoon so when we are back home soon enough, making lunch and putting out fights between the girls, I can trawl back through these photos and remember it … [Read more...]

Sunshine! And Spring!

You guys! After a cloudy morning, it's safe to say that Spring has sprung in New York City this afternoon. How glorious to feel the sunshine and warmth and not walk under an umbrella. We were up and at this morning, it's 3pm and we have clocked up 16.5kms already today. Started off getting the … [Read more...]

Rainy museum days

After a late night last night (this second and third wind business I get around 10/11pm at night is DANGEROUS) we slept in this morning till 9.50am when there was knocking on the door to clean the room. Needless to say, I was feeling much better after a big nights sleep. The weather was wet and cold … [Read more...]

You’re here, now what?

Well you drink lots of coffee, and you hit the ground running despite the rain and jet lag. It's New York. You visit some favourite places. When it's too wet, you hit the subway. Then a quick costume change before a lunch at Balthazar for some spectacular people watching and … [Read more...]