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Around the Grounds: Spring doing its thing

You all know that one of my all time favourite things to do at home is have a bit of a faff about. Whether it's when I get home from being away and I do a bit of a unpack, clean up and dust, water the plants and replace any dead flowers in vases. It's how I soothe my soul...making things right, … [Read more...]

Around the grounds: Spring in full fling!

If you were to look up the definition of Spring in the dictionary, I'm pretty sure it would read as follows: Beth Macdonald's house, Tuesday 25th October 2016. Spring has taken it's time to fully come into her own this year, everything is about 3-4 weeks later than it normally is, but boy is she … [Read more...]

Around the grounds: Spring 2015

Good afternoon (I think?!) friends, happy Friday afternoon. We are home and it's SO good to be here. Sure the trip home was a killer, but we're here now and you can almost hardly see the twitch in my left eye anymore. I'm struggling big time today with jet lag...I would be fine if I could get a … [Read more...]

Around the grounds: Autumn

Because I am old, pregnant and boring if you were to run into me today you would hear me gushing about the weather because: SUNSHINE! (cue sound of choir as well). And after SO much rain and drizzle we have SUNSHINE! And WIND! It's what I call a superior washing day. I've got 3 loads on the go out … [Read more...]

Around the grounds: spring!

This week has absolutely floored me. Actually, the previous weeks of preparation (mentally and physically) had floored me and this week when I FINALLY could slow down, I collapsed. I've been no good for nothing, or anyone, least of all insights on this blog. I've been outside a bit, eating a lot, … [Read more...]

Around the grounds: Late winter

It might be a little dreary outside (and most definitely still chilly) but there's still plenty to keep me interested out in the garden at the moment. The daphne is still flourishing, the roses pruned and ready to sprout. Iris bulbs are up as are the daffs and beloved tulips finally … [Read more...]

Around the grounds: dead of winter

It's bloody cold here at the moment. Most nights are down to minus 3 or lower. Each morning brings an icy frost, sometimes some fog or mist that burns off once the weak, warm sun arises. The garden is very quiet, most of my pots dead from the heavy frosts that I left them out in (in order to get … [Read more...]

Around the grounds: bloom

How gorgeous are these hydrangeas that are STILL going strong almost 2 weeks later? I mean really! What a display! Almost as beautiful as the mottled ones that start to dry. Hard to tell which is my favourite really. Thin and papery and oh so precious. Speaking of precious do you love … [Read more...]

Around the grounds: Green & blue

The sun is hot and shining and it feels like the beginning of summer. You can smell the heady jasmine dripping in flowers and scent on the verandah. The garden is getting greener before your eyes with all this rain, the soil is dark and hot, the air humid. The washing is drying crisply in the sun, … [Read more...]

Around the grounds: Spring doing its thing

I ran around this afternoon (in the freezing bloody cold, yes it's cold again) to try to get some shots of the garden. I call these weeks (there are about 3 in total) the money shot weeks for my garden. The pink clematis is in flower around the ENTIRE house. The lavender is loving itself sick. The … [Read more...]

Around the grounds: Late winter

Those fucking August winds. I hate them. The one that's been blowing here the last few days has been particularly feral - icy and strong. There's nothing for it except sitting inside by the fire.  If I were to venture out though, this is what I'd see. The blossoms on the Snow pears. Bulbs … [Read more...]

Around the grounds

Gosh I've had a lovely, normal, quiet day at home. Daphne is starting to bud. Wood basket is full. Bulbs popping up everywhere. Camellias in full bloom. Left over wreaths from the ball hanging around and drying out. Fire hasn't been off in days. Pansies are smiling away. So much spinach … [Read more...]

Around the grounds

I've just not been round here these past few days. There just hasn't been time - I would say sorry, but it is what it is and hopefully in a few days time (and this event is done) life will be back to some kind of normal. Until then? Well, there's still some stuff, the occasional Facebook update and … [Read more...]

Around the grounds

I'm found most days walking around with a smile on my face. All the pretty all around! I know I'm not alone in my thrill of seeing the Christmas lights sparkling at night and breathing in that intoxicating aroma of fresh pine - it's such a lovely time of the year.Thought you might like a look … [Read more...]

Around the grounds: Mid Spring

The garden is awash with colour at the moment: yellow, pink, light and dark green, purple, white - it's a picture. Thought you might fancy a walk around?The yellow banksia roses that grow all down the drive popping in and out of the hedge and front gate are in full bloom in the most delicious … [Read more...]

Around the grounds: End of winter

It's just there. Within reach. You can even get an occasional smell of it. I can almost feel it underfoot. Oh Spring, I'm so looking forward to you arriving! My Daphne (all three bushes of it) are in full bloom and they smell AH-MAZING. I have little bottles filled with stems next to every one's … [Read more...]

Around the grounds

Today felt like the first normal home day I have had in weeks. And I guess it has been - with me getting sick and then recovering and then going away. The sun was shining. I had a long list of stuff to get done and I'm happy to report as the sun slips down over the trees in the yard that I got ALL … [Read more...]

Saturday afternoon High Tea @ Milton Park

This morning when we woke up, the mists had rolled in, the temperature had dropped and it well and truly felt like Autumn was not very far away. Such a lovely break from this relentlessly hot summer. I spent the morning running around dropping off to parties, getting bits and pieces and answering … [Read more...]

Things I Like {The 25th June 2015 edition}

The mists have just rolled in blanketing the village in a dark, cool light. All these years on from living here, I still never fail to get excited when they weave their way into our yard. So magical! The fire is on low, Kardashians on the telly and a cup of tea going cold next to me on one side, … [Read more...]

Sunday lunch

If there's one thing the Dad that lives in this house likes, it's some tasty mexican. Having travelled through Central and South America he fell in love with heat. And tortillas. And jalapeños. So I thought I best whip up a bit of a mexican fiesta for the old boy today. I slow roasted some pork … [Read more...]