A little 6th birthday soirée

When I asked Maggie what she wanted to do for her birthday this year she was very certain: I want my cousins to come for a sleepover and I want a jumping castle. I was like, DONE! While her Melbourne cousins weren’t able to make it, we managed to get the Sydney crew down for the night and I managed to get a jumping castle locked in.

Saturday afternoon we settled into an evening at home with a dinner party from Birch that we have got before. We had it at the start of lockdown last year and then again when we came out of lockdown and we had a special anniversary dinner for my Mum and Step Dad in August last year. I love that there’s nothing for me to do when feeding a crowd – that everyone can get involved and that its delicious! We fed the kids before and then settled into a delicious 3 course meal. So good! You guys know there is nothing I love more than a chance to have loved ones around my table.

The kids were happy pottering around together and catching up before getting up very early the next morning to watch the Eurovision final. Rob and I pulled together a long brunch at the table: pastries, donuts and bread from Moonacres, bacon, sausage and egg rolls even a Mimosa for Grandma before many hours on the Jumping castle and a little soup before it was time for the cake and then for everyone to head home.

Our little lady couldn’t have been happier with how the night and day went and all the big kids and adults were happy that we had a chance to catch up in amongst the busy school term. We all collapsed in a heap (many hours on a jumping castle will do that to you…and I am happy that we have a little Birthday pause for a while.


  1. That Cinderella Coach jumping castle is, by far, the funniest most joyous one I’ve seen yet!
    I am glad to hear the party was a wonderful success!

  2. Oh my goodness, if wasn’t for the pelvic floor issue, I’d ask for the exact same thing for my birthday.
    I still remember my 5th birthday cake, it was a pink ice cream cake in the shape of an elephant with it’s trunk up and candles along its back. Imagine the memories if I’d had a jumping castle.
    cheers kate

  3. Amanda Matthews says

    What a wonderful looking celebration. The food looks divine and what a great idea the half roasted pumpkin with the cheese platter. I must try this!!

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