Good Things

Winter is here, and when it looks as good as this, who can be mad about it?

We’ve had some rain, we have had warm, sunny days and bitingly cold afternoons where the wind is blowing so hard your ears hurt. I love the cold, even when it’s that cold, it’s invigorating and makes you feel alive. All around you, you can feel the seasons and the earth at work, doing what it does no matter what’s going on in the world and takes you out of your own head and worries for a while.

We had some birthdays these past weeks – Rob and then Lucy – both celebrated in small ways around our table with delicious food and family. We had the most amazing tacos at Rob’s birthday that my brother in law and I made together – some crispy fried chicken or fish, salsa and bits that I am still thinking about 3 weeks later. Followed by (the birthday boy’s request: crepes with hot caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream).

Lucy requested chilli some roasted pumpkin and feta, spicy, garlicky prawn linguine followed by lemon delicious and I was happy to do all three washed down with icy Prosecco and then buttery chards, just the way she likes it.

We went for a beautiful bush walk on Sunday afternoon, me being that annoying Mum that is like “come on you guys! Let’s get out of the house!” and then much to their annoyance all found themselves having a great time when we were out there. I think it was the first time in over 3 months that the whole family got in the car and actually went out somewhere as a family. We have all been here and there, but not all together. We went to Carrington Falls – a gorgeous spot we are so lucky to have on our doorstep.

I cleaned out my wardrobe that I have been meaning to do in the longest time. I couldn’t open drawers or get through the hangers that were wedged in there. I was RUTHLESS, so many things donated and so many things taken out leaving only things that are good quality, I love and wear and feel good in. Such a great feeling afterwards despite along the way feeling overwhelmed and panicked by the whole thing.

Maggie has had a tough week at school – I think she managed to get a little cold (how good was the bubble at home when no one got sick?!!) and how does it literally burst as soon as they are back? She’s been emosh and overwhelmed so the drop offs have been hard and at time heartbreaking. We’ll get back into the swing of things soon enough I’m sure.

Looking forward so much to the long weekend ahead. We are finally getting to the farm to see Rob’s step mum and spend some much awaited time with her. We last saw her at the funeral at the end of January. The girls are DESPERATE to get there, me too. Just to be with her, spend some time at that beautiful place and allow ourselves some time to grieve again, together. I know it’s going to be a tough one, so sad and so lovely at the same time, that reminder of that word that comes top in death so often: bittersweet. I hope whatever it is you guys are doing you enjoy it with people that you love. Stay safe x


  1. I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend together. The birthday celebrations sounded excellent. Tacos and prawny pasta – the best!

  2. That winter DOES look good!

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