Full Maggie Update: 4 and a half

It’s been a while you guys since I have done an update on Maggie, 6 months in fact. She’s here, she’s big. She is FULL of attitude and ALL of the emotions and tantrums and boredom all in the space of 30 seconds. She’s a lot. She’s so big. She’s still so small. Sweet Maggie, about to finish her last weeks of preschool and daycare before a break and heading into the big bad world.

Our weeks have a rhythm to them that will soon be coming to an end when the school year finishes. For the last few months she spends them asking me “do I have school today Mummy?” and then crying when she realises she does. Then crying when I pick her up because she doesn’t want to go. You see? 4 and a half is a LOT. It’s a complex mixture of contradictions and it’s exhausting for everyone right now.

Monday and Tuesdays we are at home together which means that she gets a chance to hang out with her cousins because Lucy are I are flat out with the shop right now.

Don’t be fooled by these scenic scenes the three of them are fighting like DOGS right now. Literally 3 seconds into them being together and there are complaints that “she isn’t my best friend” “no one likes you” “why doesn’t anyone like me”, you get the drift. It is SO annoying for everyone, and frustrating for us as we have to be together, but sheesh I think Lucy and I will both be relieved when things calm down at the end of the year.

When there’s just two of them together – they are a joy, but throw that third one in, and now because Dots is such a big grown up girl who plays with them – well it ain’t pretty.

As for her big sisters, well they are as good as ever with Maggie. They play with her when they can, but it’s been frustrating for Mags who constantly complains about nobody playing with her and BOREDOM (which sets me off HOW CAN YOU BE BORED WHEN YOU HAVE ALL THESE THINGS?!). I remember Harper being the same just before she started school….it’s an age thing – not quite big enough yet but too big for all the things that used to make them happy and content. Puzzles, dolls etc. The push and pull of it all…sheesh.

Maggie has done her school orientation for next year and even though she was very NERFOUS, she is ready to go with it all. She is heading to our small school which is very familiar and nurturing, so I think she will be fine. I know it will be a LOT of exhaustion and emotions and tears when it’s all brand new, but she will get there. If her and Archie don’t kill each other first that is.

I can’t wait for the summer holidays to come and for Christmas to be here. Mags is HERE for Christmas this year, it’s lovely to still have so much excitement and wonder about it all. The surly teen a constant reminder for me that this all goes too fast and to soak up every moment while we can.

I can’t believe that my time with small children at home is coming to and end. Woo hoo! DEAR GOD MAKE IT NEVER END. See? It’s a complex and exhausting time for us all. I can’t believe that there will be no more 9am Playschool on in the background, I can’t believe that there will be no more cut up lunches for little people. I am so excited about being able to get work done, maybe carve out some time for myself. It’s been a long time you guys and I am both thrilled and terrified at the prospect.

I know how fast time flies. The first year of high school has zoomed past and I know that it will be the same for each year that passes by. The years seem to go so fast don’t they? And little people are such masters at making you slow down and appreciate the small moments. I don’t want that to stop.

I love that I am still needed, and grateful that I will be for some time yet. Even though those big ones still need me, it’s so different, the emotional support rather than the physical. The driving around, rather than having to be entertained. I am more of an associate than a wingman. While right now I lose my mind so many times a day I am grateful for the teary cuddles that are needed. For both of us.

So as we head into the last 3 or so weeks of the school year I’m going to try and spend as much time with my little person while I can. Where has the time gone you guys? Weren’t we just doing the Preggo files and then the newborn and toddler files? It’s done. She’s on her way. I’m ready and not ready. She’s ready and not ready. We’re all a little tired and emo. But it still stands true: thank goodness you are here Maggie.


  1. As my little boy is about to turn 2 and I can’t quite believe how quickly the time is going, your beautiful words really struck a chord with me. It’s easy to get frustrated but important to remember how fleeting this time is. Thanks for the reminder xx

  2. My baby has just left school – it’s just as emotional at this end as when he started 5 minutes ago. He’s so big and looks like a man – but is still my little boy in so many ways who really needs his mum.
    None of this was in the brochure – parenting is hate, rewarding, frustrating, exhausting and the best thing in the world.
    Enjoy the last kindy Christmas play – 4 is the very best age for Christmas

  3. I’m with Alice. My baby is 19, reading your post transported me right back.
    It’s really just like when they were babies, as soon as we thought we had the routine figured out it would all change.
    Cheers Kate

  4. Bloody hell Beth, you got me all teary with this one. Me and my 4yo (the youngest one in our house too) heading off to school next year are feeling all these same feels. Thanks for putting it all into words

  5. Love the “squeezy “ arm picture 💔

  6. Oh god this will be me next year. Already feeling emosh about it!!!!

  7. My son is doing Year 10 work experience this week. I think we’re both anxious. Definitely not a little boy anymore. These years are going way too fast. I don’t think these parenting challenges ever end, just come in stages. All the best.

  8. I feel like this all the time with my almost 2 year old! I don’t want her to grow up but I really do! Because she’s my second (there’s a 6 year age gap), I know just how quickly her littleness will pass me by so I have really treasured it while I can, but now that she’s becoming very Terrible Two-ish, I also dream of time to myself when she starts school!

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