Snowy showers, wineries & lavender: day 3 in New Zealand

I mean does it get any more ideal for me? All three things in one day! We woke to the most fantastic rain and wind storm in the morning that called for going back to bed and bunkering in. This house has the most amazing glass windows that just make you sit and watch the world unfolding. What better entertainment than the weather I ask you?! We had rain, we had huge winds, we had fog and mist and rainbows and sunshine all in the space of a few hours. Rob and I just kept saying…LOOK AT THE LIGHT. He gets it.

After a spot of washing we were dressed and on our way to Cromwell to check out the old historic part of town. I can’t quite work this place out…but the historic precinct where they moved all the old buildings to when they damed the town was pretty in a cute kind of Sovereign Hill way. The girls enjoyed it but it was FREEZING so we didn’t last long. I did get a little shopping in – we bought a wee painting from a gallery and a few bits and pieces from the shops down there – being in retail now I get how important a sale is – no matter how small.

The weather was FOUL (freezing wind and snowy showers) so we headed off to Bannockburn area to check out some of the wineries and have a nice lunch. We have been eating at home or doing lots of supermarket buying for lunch and picnics so it was a treat to be in a warm restaurant having someone else do the cooking for us. We had lunch a Mt Difficulty (which was very much NOT difficult) I did a little wine tasting and we had a delicious lunch. The staff were all so lovely – everyone in NZ is beyond friendly it’s a joy to experience.

After lunch we headed back towards Wanaka along some spectacular farms – so green! I feel so sad for our farmers back home when you see the abundance of feed and green lush paddocks everywhere. And do not get me started on the spring lambs – I am OBSESSED. We stopped at Wanaka Lavender Farm where I had been before when we were here with Olympus and I thought the girls would love the gardens and Maggie – the farm animals especially. It’s such great value and gorgeous gardens – despite the cold (and it was blowing an ARCTIC wind) I think they enjoyed it.

After the farm it was back into town for a few more supplies for dinner – the girls had requested platters again so I loaded up on meats, cheeses, bread, a few veggies, nuts and olives and we had another wonderful dinner sitting around and chatting. With a view like we have at home – why would you go anyone else? After dinner, showers, another wine or two by the fire and an early night.

I can’t tell you what a lovely time we are having – I knew this time together would be special as we can all enjoy each other’s company (most of the time). There’s time together, time apart and a little something for everyone in the day. Bring on the rest of the adventure I say!


  1. Leanne Doyle says

    We love NZ and have visited the South Island twice. Looking at your pics has inspired me to take the kids now that they are all a good age to enjoy it. (Eldest 12 and youngest 5). Your accommodation looks divine! Is it an Air BNB? Keep enjoying your travels and we will enjoy from here 😊. Try a “Perky nana” chocolate while you’re there. Yum! We still talk about them 😂😘😘

  2. You seem to have landed in a MAGICAL PLACE to explore!

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