Skin & Hair Update: Good stuff I’m using and Perioral dermatitis update

Just in time for m 42nd birthday a few weeks back I managed to get the dreaded perioral dermatitis back again. Insert eyeroll here. DEAD SET. For those that may be new here, this is a skin condition I have been getting for the past 6 years. SIX. You can read about it in these posts:

Initial discovery

I actually can’t believe it’s been so long that I have been getting it. Now before you tell me what works on this let me tell you, I have tried it. I have tried it ALL. Truly. No products, products. Removing this and that, and I have to say that no matter what I do, it always comes back. ALWAYS. It starts with a pimple in the same spot (for me it’s the right hand side of my chin, under my lip. And then a few more spots appear. And no matter what the ONLY thing that clears it up is a round of antibiotics (I take Doxycycline I think it’s called – but see your GP about this don’t take me as your medical advice I only prescribe baked goods). So despite my skin being in great condition I have had another bout arrive and now I have my new repeat of scripts I will have that sorted. It takes me about 4-8 weeks for this to kick in as it’s low dose and then it’s sorted. I must say that since I have been looking after my skin much more (cleansing and hydrating) it only seems to flare up maybe once or twice a year and it takes much less time to get it under control.

You can see the cluster above that still shows through despite foundation and concealer

Anyway! Onwards with that. Thought I would also should share some of the other new stuff I have been using on my hair and skin that have been good because we all love a good recommendation don’t we? Well I do!

I saw on Instagram Em Rusciano talk about the best shampoo ever so it took me 3.4 seconds to head over to Priceline and buy them online and I have to say I have NOT been disappointed. They are the BEST. It’s hands down the best purple shampoo I have used and I can tell you I have used a few!

I got it from Priceline I think they are about $20 a bottle but worth every single cent. Really takes out the brassiness and gives me that icy white that I love.

I also bought two other products that have been great the thickening spray (I spray it onto wet hair before I blow dry for some extra body and texture) and the dry shampoo for every day in between and it’s great I will defo be buying more of this range and in the meantime will tell everyone about it.

I also have been using a local brand down here BARE BODY BEAUTY CO that I had a reader tell me about (she has been raving about them for years after buying some when they came to my 10th Birthday blog lunch 3 years ago now). I have already replaced some of these products as I LOVE them in capslock love. And best bit is you can buy them online so you can try them too.

I have been using two cleansers (one has bits of walnut seed this is the BARE BUFF in it so is a bit more full on so I only use this once a week or fortnight). The other one is much softer BARE FOOD FACE CLEANSER and feels AMAZING on. I use this at night after I have taken make up off and if I am not wearing make up I use it in the morning.

Then the moisturiser I have been using is this HEMP FACE MOISTURISER and it’s the ducks nuts. So thick and creamy and perfect for all the cold weather we have been having down here. I will replace this as my daily go to for sure.

Then lastly this is the body moisturiser I have been using which is AMAZING. I have already replaced this once and bought some for Lucy as well and have been raving about it. I once had a L’Occitane body cream that I was given which was so beautiful but so expensive and this is the closest I have found since. If you want to try out just one thing than this is it.

None of this has been sponsored by the way just spreading the word on some great products and am proud that they all come locally from the beautiful Southern Highlands.

I have also been getting a few rounds of a dermalux light treatment but will update that when I can see some before and after photos. I am trying really hard to look after the skin that I have because it sure as shit seems to be raging before my eyes…how does that happen. If you are in your early thirties now I say this: START. Hydrate. Wear suncream and look after what you have now. Consider this your big sister advice.

So tell me what you have been trying or loving lately?
Got something good you would like to recommend?
How about some big sister advice?


  1. Check out Nadine Bagott on youtube re perioral dermatitis. She suffers from this conditional periodically and you might find some new or helpful info. Good luck.

  2. Thanks for tip on Kristin Ess products. I just used it for the first time and I am loving how my hair feels looks and smells. I bought the signature shampoo and conditioner and leave in conditioner. I will definitely recommend the purple one for my sister.

    God I love recommendations!

  3. Oh my goodness. I m 18 and was diagnosed with Perioral Dermatitis shortly after I entered my freshman year at WashU. When I was diagnosed, I was told NOTHING about what I was supposed to do or avoid. They gave me some topical stuff to put on and that seemed to help for a little bit, but it just gets worse with stress and caffeine. I had no idea what to avoid or even look for when it came to skincare and I didn t even think my rash was a big deal because it s pretty mild. But then it started to just become a pain. Nothing covered it, or if it did, the scaly texture of my skin would show through within an hour of putting makeup on. By coincidence, one of my roommates got the St. Ives lotion which I used on my face because EVERYTHING else was irritating, and it was the only thing that made my face not sting or peel. Seriously, I cannot thank you enough for posting this, because a) I know what to avoid, b) I have an arsenal of products that are easy access and c) I know I m not alone.

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