Monday Meal Ideas: Warm up with some chilli

Did you get hit with that blast of cold weather over the weekend? My WORD was it cold at our place, and much to my great disappointment, not a flake of snow hot our place. SO frustrating when it’s so cold and it seemed to be snowing everywhere. I had a full blown tanty about it!

After I got over my grumps I decided to cook and eat, to soothe my weather woes and I tell you what: nothing warms you up better than a good hit of chilli. If it’s still cold where you are this week and you have the winter blues, cooking these meals will perk you right up.

Spiced moroccan Salmon
Homemade pork, chive & chilli dumplings
Chilli roast chicken with coconut
Prawns with chilli & linguine

How is your week ahead looking? We have lots on with new arrivals into the shop, prepping for the new season ahead as well as busy kids and life. Oh and I have my birthday on Friday…42. The weeks/years just seem to be flying by don’t they – week 4 of the new term already – I don’t know how to slow things down.

Whatever it is you have planned…stay warm and calm…I try every day!


  1. Well it certainly wasn’t snowing here in Perth yesterday – was actually about 26 wonderful degrees. Nevertheless I made Bill’s Chilli Chicken last night. Yum. I subbed red chilli paste for green (because I had an open jar), but followed the recipe apart from that. Definitely a winner. Thank you.

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